Within These Gates of Mine


An Original Film Score and Soundtrack composed by Wycliffe Gordon, for the 1920 silent film “Within Our Gates” by African-American filmmaker Oscar Micheaux.  This is from a live performance with a 20 piece jazz orchestra.  77 minutes of music and 40 tracks.

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Within These Gates of Mine (Overture)
Life Is Given (Theme)
And the Band Played on-Shhh!
The Gamblers Grumble
Thief Chase
The Gamblers Rumble
All Day Long-Lay Awake at Night
Blooz Hymn
Get It! Get It!
Savannah Trails
Considering All Things
Life Is Given (Chorale)
The Search
Everyday (2)
When Jayden Sleeps
Trouble a Brewin'
He's Alright-When I Leave
I Am One Man!-What Have I Done!
When Jayden Sleeps (2)
Triumphant Fanfare-Life Is Given (Theme)
Sneakin' 'Round the Corner
Trouble in My Way
Mo' Sneakin'
What Happened
Sneakin' Solos
Life Is Given (Theme Repeat)
Within These Gates of Mine
Gridlestones' Groove-We're Still Here
Within These Gates of Mine (Chant)
Piano Pandemonium
He's Alright-the Church Gates
Justice Is Divine-Band Pandemonium
Life Is Given, Life Is Taken Away-Injustice Prevails
No Land, No Sea-Welcome Death
Life Is Given (Theme Repeat 2)
Our Land, Our Trees-Within These Gates of Mine
Life Is Given-He's Alright
Thank You Very Much