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CD Release “I Give You Love”

Wycliffe Gordon released his newest CD “I Give You Love” last Thanksgiving at his week-long performances at Dizzy’s Coca-Cola Club in New York City.  This CD debuts as a follow up to his popular “Hello Pops” album, and includes more Louis Armstrong favorites such as “Umbrella Man”, “Rockin’ Chair” and ‘Bourbon Street Parade.”  Joining him on vocals is his long-time quintet member and multi-reeds musician Adrian Cunningham, along with bandmates Ehud Asherie on piano, Alvin Atkinson, Jr. on drums, and Yasushi Nakamura on bass.  The group gets it’s name “the International All Stars” as a play on Louis Armstrong’s world class ensemble known as the All Stars.

Wycliffe says, “we’ve added ‘International’ to the title because all of these guys hail from some place other than the USA.  We represent Israel, Japan, Australia and the Gold Coast (North Carolina that is).  It’s an amazing talented group of musicians and this CD is just a very fun representation of the five of us hanging out in the studio creating music that we love to play; hence, “I Give You Love” as the title.”