Wycliffe Gordon has been commissioned by the Jazz Arts Group to create a 90-minute piece of music for ten musicians to tell the story of the King-Lincoln District. Eight Columbus City Schools in the district were invited to participate by helping Mr. Gordon with his research. Their study of their own neighborhood, its past, present, and future, has resulted in the working title for the piece—Beyond the Blackberry Patch.

More information about this project can be found on the Compositions page.

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  1. Ron Lutz says:

    Yesterday was very special for Carolyn and I as we were fortune to attend your concert in East Lansing. Your playing and personality are very inspiring. We relived the concert by listening to your CD all the way back to Mt Pleasant last night, thanks again!
    We enjoy hearing and seeing you and will always appreciate the very positive influence you have had on Jim’s life. He was pleased that you took the time to see the Cirque du Soleil show Kooza in New York.
    Today will listen to Hello Pops! Louie was inspirational for all! Carolyn and I went to one of his concerts in 1960 and were forever changed. Music is such a powerful tool to communicate and we are fascinated by your musical stories and messages. My God on Slidin Home is a profound message and one of my favorites.
    Thanks Gordon, we lovya!
    Ron Lutz, Jim’s Dad

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