Pickett Brass has developed the Wycliffe Gordon Signature Pro Trombone Mouthpiece. Full sound, open feel, and flexibility like no other. Balanced mass coupled with a comfortable rim (diameter 25.95 mm) has resulted in a responsive and natural playing mouthpiece.

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4 responses to “Signature Pro Trombone Mouthpiece”

  1. SelWheeler says:

    I would like ti get some info on your new
    mouthpiece that I’n hearing so much about
    I would like to know what’s the big rave
    about this mouthpiece. please send me some
    info on this super Trombone mouthpiece
    as soon as possible



  2. Jupp Strick says:

    Hello Mr.Gordon,
    can you tell me a date when the ordered item in my mouthpiece
    reefs is one position from 09.12.2011.

    thank You

  3. Michael says:

    Just wanted to know if this mouthpiece comes in large or small shank.

  4. WycliffeGordon.com says:

    Michael, you can check with Pickett Brass through their website: Pickett Brass, or contact them directly.

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